Project Description

Aromatic Tapestries, 2014. (Detail)
Hessian strips, cloves, mandarin oil, lemongrass oil and jasmine flowers.
Dimensions variable.

Aromatic Tapestries, 2014. (Detail)

Aromatic Tapestries, 2014.

This project was compiled of vertical strips of hessian, hung from ceiling to floor and partially obscured visitors’ vision. Spatial composition and the effects of vertical orientation were investigated. Between the hessian strips attached to the ceiling a measured gap enabled visitors to perceive through the sky-light and beyond into the sky.

Touch was stimulated as visitors made their way between the strips of hessian. This project offered two situations in which distinct aromas could be experienced. In one case, mandarin and cloves, the other case, lemongrass and jasmine flowers could be detected by visitors as they moved around the Sensory Project Site.