Project Description

Time Folly, 2006 Photography and mixed medium Time Follies H.170cm W.110cm D.75cm, Clock H.120cm W.45cmRhythm of Time, 2006 Photography and mixed medium H.200cm D.120cmTime measured by use of a mathematic device, 2006 Clock, batteries, blackboard, chalk H.80cm D.120cmPresent Time viewed in with a mirror, 2006 Mirror, blackboard, chalk H.80cm D.120cmTime measured using E=mc² formula, 2006 Acrylic paint, wallpaper, MDF board, frame, blackboard, chalk H.80cm D.120cmOld Man Time, 2006 Photography and mixed medium H.230cm D.120cmOld Man Time (detail), 2006

Lateral Rhythms | photography and mixed medium

LATERAL [Oxford Dictionary: of, at, towards, or from the side or sides], left of centre.
RHYTHM [Oxford Dictionary: a strong, regular repeated pattern of movement or sound] the pulse or beat of time.
Time is a commodity in today’s world; in fact, one could say we are slaves to it. Time creates reason, a vessel for certainty and conformity. Lateral Rhythms explores the phenomenon of time, which is deeply embedded in today’s society. Photographic images of past, present, and abstract images of possible future scenarios are fixed inside structures designed after eighteenth century follies. Blackboards with text and diagrams drawn in chalk assist with literal elements concerning this installation.