Project Description

Cabinet of Curios, detail, 2012 Pine wood cabinet, air dry clay, ash, plastic hands, string, darning needle, plastic, glue, screws, and metal fittings H. 180cm W.96cm D.93cmHorse with no Name, 2012 Air dry clay, artificial grass, plastic and wire H.28cm W.30cm D.24cmThe Seventh Year, 2012 Stainless steel, PVC curtain, Plaster, Hydro stone, glass, cardboard tube, plaster bandage, terry towel stipes, elastane/cotton blend fabric, MDF board, polyester filling, rubber insulation, PVC tape, acrylic dye and terracotta base H.222cm D.111cmMaster Mind, detail, 2012 Macramé hanger, glass dome, ash, clay and wood H.160cm D.35cmLife on Mars, detail, 2012 Glass dome, clay and soil H.50cm D.30cmLucky, detail, 2012 Air dry clay, doll eye and artificial fur H.52cm W.4cm D.7cm

Re-collection | mixed medium

Memory is not fail proof; it changes over time. For the production of each artwork in this series everyday objects were selected. Through a process of transforming carefully selected objects new forms and altered meanings emerge.